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Spice Up Your Relationship

It feels like there’s something wrong in your relationship, but you don’t know what it is. You don’t want to break up with your significant other, but something has to change in the relationship. Focus on how to spice up your relationship. You need to determine if the connection can come back again.

Learn the tips as to how to spice up the relationship


Relationship:  How To Spice Up The Relationship

Sexual intimacy is often one of the casualties. Time, stress, and busy schedules make it difficult for couples to find time when both partners are interested and available for sex. — Rachel Keller, LCSW-C

Spice It Up By Kissing

A kiss is one of the most critical parts of a romantic connection and is considered as a major relationship saver. It doesn’t care whether it should take seconds or minutes as long as you mean it. By doing it more often and passionately, you can positively bring back the spice in your relationship. But you have to take note that a quick smack on the lip doesn’t stir up much emotion so try to kiss your partner in a way that you can give a message of affection to your loved one.

Be Spontaneous!

You might think that after marriage, you’ll have to follow specific marital routines that can sustain your married life. No, there’s no such thing. You have to be spontaneous and allow yourselves to do things like you used to do. In this way, you are not only avoiding dull and fake habits in your love life, but you’ll enjoy the things you do even right before you decide to get married. You should stay spontaneous.

Try New Things With Your Partner

Your marriage has something to do with the countless things that you do together. You and your partner should spend time doing things that both of you can enjoy and avoid being stagnant in a routine that can eventually damage your marriage. Create the best pleasure roadmap that both of you can agree.


You can explore and learn from different experiences and helps partners concentrate. Remember, the secret of some of the couples’ loving connections is their willingness to do and try different new and fun things. Trying new things will benefit your relationship.

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Clearly, addressing problems and appreciating the positives are both essential to a healthy relationship. — LESLIE BECKER-PHELPS, PHD

Open Up Your Feelings

You might say, ” How to spice up the relationship by opening up?” A marital problem may arise if you don’t share what’s on your mind because your partner will never know what you feel. It’s significantly important in your relationship that you open every communication line between you and your significant other.

Focus on making time to talk about exciting ideas and everything such as your desires, needs, and dreams. Be honest about your feelings so both of you can find a solution and work problems out. A key factor that makes a relationship last.

Physical Contact Is The Key

In a  commitment, physical contact doesn’t only mean sexual satisfaction but also a partner’s love language. You can at least hug each other, hold hands, massage, cuddle, get intimate or merely sit beside each other, have a spend quality time while watching a movie.

Your Physical Connection…

Your physical connection and sexy session is going to be your way on how to spice up the relationship by showing the affection you have for your partner. That’ll ignite emotional attachment, new memories, new tradition, in the relationship. The physical touch should spice things in your sex life and remove sexual tension.


If in case both of you are open for role play in your sex life, then go for it. You can spend quality time intimatley by watching porn and using gender neutral toys or sex toy. If your both not sure about what to do, you can always seek advice from a good sex coach and guide you through an erotic literature.


Sex as the love language will promote more intense connection as well as spontaneously intimate thoughts, create traditions and quality time that you and your partner need.

Making time to touch one another will strengthen the bond you share because it also connects your emotional aspects as well.

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Go On Dates

It seems pretty much less essential for married couples to go on a date and work on their sexual connection because they have so many things to do in everyday life. There should never be a reason for putting typical date night aside just because you’re married.

Bring back the spark in your connection and reminisce the good things about your marriage and sex life. Create a simple and memorable date night that both of you will never forget. It may be as simple as getting a cup of something at the usual spot or in a different coffee shop, or just work on your bucket list. You can also switch locations and get a room service massage as long as you are at the same page.


Giving emotionally to our partners is extremely important. To share ourselves through sex means being emotionally vulnerable to the person in our world who is the most important to us, and couples thrive on the empathy and emotional response that occurs when they are fully present with one another during sexual intimacy. — Stuart B. Fensterheim, LCSW


Spice Up The Relationship

Final Thoughts And Takeaway To Consider

There are several effective ways to keep your marriage alive. You just need to understand that marriage won’t secure a future together unless you continue to work on it. There’s no secret to becoming a better lover. Just become the best friend your partner needs and surely, you’ll have a premium quality relationship with little to no stress, large connection, improved love languages, and plenty of date nights.

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