Terms of Use

Terms of Use


The Terms and Conditions provided in this webpage will be your guide to the use and access of our website. The following terms will be applied and will fully affect your application on the site, and accepting the following conditions will subject you to any legal action upon failure to adhere to the rules provided.



Accepting our terms restricts you from engaging in the following:


  1. Publishing our material on any device, websites, or other media
  2. Sub-licensing or commercializing of any web materials
  3. Publicly showing of web materials to outside users
  4. Any abuse of website that may cause harm to the site or the user
  5. Mining, harvesting, extracting or plagiarizing of data or any similar activities


Automatic termination of your account will be effective once you fail to follow the conditions above.



Our website and company are to be taken “as is” with all faults and suggests no representation or warranties to any materials related to this website. Also, nothing contained in this website shall be seen or taken as advising you.


Limitation of Liability

Our website and company (including the managers, employees, and staff of the company) shall not be deemed liable to how you are going to use or access the website whether such liability is under contract. The following mentioned above shall also not be subject to any responsibility for any consequential, indirect, or exclusive liability arising or related in the use of the website.



You, as a result of this, indemnify our website and our company from and against any liabilities, costs, causes of actions, demands, damages, and expenses that may arise related to your breach of any provisions herein.


General Agreement

The following terms constitute an agreement between our website and you, the user of the site, and takes the place of all prior agreements and understandings.