How To Help Your Depressed Parent




Seeing your mom or dad in a depressive state more often than not has a vast impact on the offspring’s perspective. Questions like “Is it because of something I did or didn’t do?” and “Am I not enough reason for them to be happy?” may start filling your head at one point. But understand from here on out that it may not even be because of you.

Parents tend to experience some depression when they go through a significant change. It can come right after retiring from work, getting a divorce, losing a beloved, or sending off the kids to college. The symptoms may disappear once they get accustomed to their new life. If the condition remains the same for weeks, though, it’s your job as the child to help your depressed parent in any way possible.

The aim is to learn to regulate your emotions – and note that regulating emotions is not the same as controlling. — SUSAN J. O’GRADY, PHD

Below are the three tips on how to be effective at that.




  1. Recognize Their Pain


People, in general, avoid receiving assistance from others who belittle or can’t understand what caused them to feel down. Thus, you need to show your folks that you see where they’re coming from and that you want to help them get over it.

It’ll also be great if you recognize that their negative emotions won’t go away instantly. There’s a process for that. You just have to stay by their side without judgment at all times.

 The practice of gratitude journaling is an effective way to build resilience and optimism, which act as antidotes to that negative voice. Gratitude journaling is a practice of focusing on things in your life that are positive. — SAUNDRA JAIN, MA, LPC, PSYD

  1. Encourage Your Parent To Share Their Woes


It is quite common for parents to keep problems to themselves to prevent burdening their children. That can happen as well even when the kids are old enough to live independently. Rather than saying they aren’t OK, therefore, they always put on a happy face in front of the brood.

Despite that façade, you perhaps know your parent too well to realize if they’re truthful or not. In case you notice them going down the depression alley, get out of your way to reassure them that you’re there once they’re ready to talk. Sometimes, individuals need that kind of encouragement to be able to speak up about their issues.


  1. CallOr Visit Them Every Day


The ideal action when your parent is in a depressive state is to persuade him or her to live with you. Or, move back in with them so that you’ll be able to monitor their condition. However, if your job location doesn’t allow you to do the latter, or your old folks just won’t leave their place, you may resort to regular visits and daily calls instead.

What a depressed parent needs to feel is that they are still valuable to you and other members of the family. The fact that you probably have a life of your own and no longer asks for money from them may amplify their helplessness and hopelessness, which are a couple of depression signs. Hence, you should let them detect your love and care often.

Besides, doing so will give you the opportunity to look for signs of suicidal tendencies. Thoughts of death easily flood a depressed person’s brain, especially when they have nothing to do. You won’t then have regrets too once you stop them from making such a horrible – and irreversible – decision.



We all needed the “good enough” mother, and we also need the “good enough therapist.” We are not perfect. — Sarah Jenkins, MC, LPC

If all else fails, you may coax your mom or dad to get therapy. They may not be amiable at first, but you have to try to help them get out of depression.


Teen Early Relationship – What Can You Expect?




Our recent generation of teens is difficult to handle because it is the stage of their lives that they allow themselves to become more adaptive to change not only with their perspective of life but also with their contribution to their society as well.

In the recent list of counseling problems, most parents are experiencing tons of issues with their teens with regards to their relationship with the opposite sex. It somehow creates an impact on their overall development. As of now, most parents are starting to accept the fact that they no longer control this recent era. With that said, parents become fully aware of the things that might happen when their teens indulge in an early relationship.

Of course, necessary as it is for all of us to find and forge an enduring relationship with a loved one, the process of discovering and nurturing healthy intimacy is often a long, and sometimes harrowing, one, comprised of one or more relationships that do not appear to be quite as healthy and suitable as caring parents would like them to be for their offspring. — Brad E Sachs Ph.D.

Forced Maturity

When kids push themselves to become mature, they lose the balance of emotional growth. The harder they imply the needs for the changes, the sooner their perception becomes irrational. They will think that they’re entitled to give obnoxious opinions to those people who don’t seem to like their actions. They become empowered with the idea that they can handle the relationship as much as an adult can.


Early Sexual Encounter

The adolescent stage of initial introduction to sexual contact has its own positive and negative side. The teenage exposure to having an immature relationship can bring more curiosity in dealing with sexual intimacy. However, teens are becoming aggressive and liberated that they often forget the restrictions that come along with the action. Soon, it will be too late to realize that the early exposure to sex can bring a lot of health complications.



Parents telling kids how lousy sex is for them has one major drawback – the kids are already having sex and can draw their own conclusions. — Stanton Peele Ph.D.

Multiple Sex Partners

As early as teenagers enter a relationship, they will develop the perception of having ‘too much experience’ where they try to feel free as much as they want. In regards to that, they will think about sex and relationship as something that can come and go. Eventually, they will end up having multiple sex partners because they think they are only allowing themselves to become well-experienced.


Teenage Pregnancy

Yes, the highlight of early teenage-relationship is adolescent pregnancy. People can expect it to happen. It creates complication because teenagers who underwent early pregnancy might encounter tons of emotional, psychological, and physical issues. Since they cannot handle the stress of early motherhood, it will cause a problem with maturity. Because of that, some of them might end up getting an abortion.



It is one of the significant things that teenagers can expect when engaging in an early relationship. Most of the times, they will not be able to comprehend the sudden changes that might happen when it comes to assessing their issues. As a result, they will end up complaining about a lot of things concerning their life and eventually get depressed. In severe cases, they might consider harming themselves or committing suicide.



You might think that truly loving someone means caring about them with all of your being – but you can’t really give all of your being to the relationship. — LESLIE BECKER-PHELPS, PHD

Teenagers engaging in early relationships are somehow prone to have complicated lives. In fact, their emotional and psychological health is somehow not ready for the pressures these relationships can give. Consequently, there’ll be tons of issues that they will encounter that would affect their perception of life.

Is Your Marriage Falling Apart? Here’s What You Can Do




Marital issues are inevitable, and couples should understand the importance of its process. There is always a time that both husband and wife will develop a complicated view of their relationship. Sometimes, the decision lies on whether they would end it or try to fix the issues. Here are some counseling tips that you can do when you feel that your marriage is falling apart.

Write down the consequences of your unhealthy habits, including both positives and negatives. The downsides might be so obvious to you that it’s easy to ignore their benefits. — SETH J. GILLIHAN, PHD

Talk About The Problem

Instead of avoiding or starting a conflict, you can as well sit down and talk about the issue that complicates your relationship. From there, both of you will be able to understand what each of you is undergoing emotionally. It will lessen the tension when you try to cooperate in resolving your marital issues instead of ignoring the source of the problem.


Listen To Your Partner

Communication is a two-way process. When you want to tell your partner about the things that stress you in a relationship, you should at least try to consider listening to them as well. Listening will help in resolving some misunderstanding and allow both of you to have a more comprehensive view of the situation. You’ll be able to understand each other’s thoughts and feelings and figure out both of your mistakes so you can work it out.


Show Affection

Showing affections doesn’t have to follow a script. In fact, it should be offered wholeheartedly. Once you master the art of appreciating your other half, you’ll soon realize the benefits of your actions. Both of you will have a clear thought of how you want the relationship to go. You’ll quickly apprehend giving an effort in return.




Appreciate Your Significant Other

Try to look for things that can make you acknowledge even the little things that your partner is offering you. Instead of complaining about what they can’t do, be more appreciative enough in giving them compliments for trying their best. Since each of you has your imperfections, it is better to learn to value one another and lower down your standards.

According to relationship researcher John Gottman, in heterosexual relationships, women are the ones to bring up problems 80 percent of the time. — LESLIE BECKER-PHELPS, PHD

Resolve Your Issues Together

Marriage is a commitment that both of you should handle. When experiencing issues, both you and your partner should realize your roles in sustaining a healthy marriage. Both of you should seek resolution no matter how simple and complicated an issue is because you have equal responsibility for keeping the relationship.


Trust Your Partner

Trust is one crucial factor that keeps a marriage. Though you may feel entitled to have the benefit of the doubt, you have to make sure that you fully support your partner in all of his actions. Never initiate a doubtful attitude because it will definitely add negativity to an ongoing marital complication.



Controlling implies suppression, which is unhealthy both physically and mentally. Regulation is about applying conscious thought to our feelings, giving you the power to reduce their intensity. — SUSAN J. O’GRADY, PHD

Contribute To Your Partners Development

Being married, you have the responsibility to help your significant other in attaining his or her overall development. You have to be there for your husband or wife’s emotional, psychological, and behavioral states. You have to contribute to your partner’s growth to allow them to become better versions of themselves.

Since you and your partner have decided to spend your lives together, you should at least try and understand the importance of each of your roles in the relationship. Your marriage will no doubt experience a lot of ups and downs, but your perception of the commitment can save it from falling apart.





Simple Ways To Improve Your Sex Life




It’s quite common for a relationship to get or feel dull over time. In worst cases, you might consider having sex as a less important part of the relationship and won’t acknowledge doing it at all. But that doesn’t mean you have to prioritize it in your life. By following the tips on how to solve your sex life, you will be able to bring the passion back in no time.

By bringing up and addressing problems, a partner is much more likely to get to a resolution or find a positive way to live with unresolvable differences. By just talking about an issue (when done in a constructive way), partners come together as a team to work on it. — LESLIE BECKER-PHELPS, PHD

Have Frank Talks – When you and your partner can go directly into having sex and don’t talk about it, you’ll soon see the act as a requirement and not something that can connect the both of you. However, when you try to ask each other what both of you want in bed, it will allow you to get more comfortable in sharing what you like and what you don’t. Both of you can have the advantage of using sex as a means of understanding each other.


Have Time For Sex – You and your significant other probably have a lot of daily things to do, but that doesn’t mean that you should set aside the time for having sex. You can at least spare a moment and bond with your partner so you can feel each other’s connection. Setting time for sex is a necessity because it will allow you to satisfy the desire for intimate sexual intercourse.




Turn Up Your Moods – You don’t have sex just because you need to do it. You have to make use of some methods that can turn up the heat between the two of you and boost the excitement. You can exchange sexy texts messages, you can use some sensual touch to some of your partner’s sensitive parts of the body, or you can spice up the eagerness of wanting to have sex by whispering erotic words.

Think about using music, scents such as candles or lotion, or sensual fabrics such as satin or leather. You can also use erotic stories or art to set the mood. — Rachel Keller, LCSW-C

Don’t Forget The ForeplayForeplay serves as the most significant factor of sex. Aside from helping in the increase of libido, it contributes a huge role in giving satisfaction to and consequently getting an orgasm. It allows increased sensitivity and intense excitement that is beneficial in providing you and your partner an improved and enjoyable sex life.


Throw Some Compliments – When you and your partner are having sex, there’s a need for compliments. Most people get embarrassed by their physical appearance, so as a partner you should make sure that your significant other is confident in her own body. It will help in boosting inner energy in performance and can affect endurance as well.




Let Her Take The Lead – A man usually takes the lead in having sex. However, when you allow a woman to initiate sexual pleasure on several occasions, you’ll be amazed at how they can sensually handle the intercourse. In most cases, they tend to be more adventurous and explore different techniques in sexual positions.

In all honesty, complications may eventually arise when a couple loses interest in sex. Sexual intercourse is a vital part of a relationship so people should understand that its purpose is to make a connection.

A satisfying sexual relationship is often crucial to the success of a romantic relationship. — Stuart B. Fensterheim, LCSW

Tips On How To Spice Up Your Relationship

It feels like there’s something wrong in your relationship, but you don’t know what it is. You don’t want to break up with your significant other, but something has to change in the relationship.

How kissing can spice up the relationshipSource:

Focus on how to spice up your relationship. You need to determine if the connection can come back again. Learn the tips as to how to spice up your relationship.

Sexual intimacy is often one of the casualties. Time, stress, and busy schedules make it difficult for couples to find time when both partners are interested and available for sex. — Rachel Keller, LCSW-C

By Kissing

A kiss is one of the most critical parts of a romantic connection and is considered as a major relationship saver. It doesn’t care whether it should take seconds or minutes as long as you mean it. By doing it more often and passionately, you can positively bring back the spice in your relationship. But you have to take note that a quick smack on the lip doesn’t stir up much emotion so try to kiss your partner in a way that you can give a message of affection to your loved one.

Be Spontaneous!

You might think that after marriage, you’ll have to follow specific marital routines that can sustain your married life. No, there’s no such thing. You have to be spontaneous and allow yourselves to do things like you used to do. In this way, you are not only avoiding dull and fake habits in your love life, but you’ll enjoy the things you do even right before you decide to get married. You should stay spontaneous.

You Should Try New Things

Your marriage has something to do with the countless things that you do together. You and your partner should spend time doing things that both of you can enjoy and avoid being stagnant in a routine that can eventually damage your marriage. Create the best pleasure roadmap that both of you can agree.

You can explore and learn from different experiences and helps partners concentrate. Remember, the secret of some of the couples’ loving connections is their willingness to do and try different new and fun things. Trying new things will benefit your relationship.

Traveling can spice up how you work the relationship to each other Source:

Clearly, addressing problems and appreciating the positives are both essential to a healthy relationship. — LESLIE BECKER-PHELPS, PHD

Share Those Feelings

You might say, ” How to spice up the relationship by opening up?” A marital problem may arise if you don’t share what’s on your mind because your partner will never know what you feel. It’s significantly important in your relationship that you open every communication line between you and your significant other.

Focus on making time to talk about exciting ideas and everything such as your desires, needs, and dreams. Be honest about your feelings so both of you can find a solution and work problems out. A key factor that makes a relationship last.

Physical Contact Is The Key

In a  commitment, physical contact doesn’t only mean sexual satisfaction but also a partner’s love language. You can at least hug each other, hold hands, massage, cuddle, get intimate or merely sit beside each other, have a spend quality time while watching a movie.

Your physical connection and sexy session is going to be your way on how to spice up the relationship by showing the affection you have for your partner. That’ll ignite emotional attachment, new memories, new tradition, in the relationship. The physical touch should spice things in your sex life and remove sexual tension.

If in case both of you are open for role play in your sex life, then go for it. You can spend quality time intimatley by watching porn and using gender neutral toys or sex toy. If your both not sure about what to do, you can always seek advice from a good sex coach and guide you through an erotic literature.

Sex as the love language will promote more intense connection as well as spontaneously intimate thoughts, create traditions and quality time that you and your partner need.

Making time to touch one another will strengthen the bond you share because it also connects your emotional aspects as well.

 A romatic date to take note of with a glass of wine on a beautiful shoreSource:

Go On Dates

It seems pretty much less essential for married couples to go on a date and work on their sexual connection because they have so many things to do in everyday life. There should never be a reason for putting typical date night aside just because you’re married.

Bring back the spark in your connection and reminisce the good things about your marriage and sex life. Create a simple and memorable date night that both of you will never forget. It may be as simple as getting a cup of something at the usual spot or in a different coffee shop, or just work on your bucket list. You can also switch locations and get a room service massage as long as you are at the same page.


Giving emotionally to our partners is extremely important. To share ourselves through sex means being emotionally vulnerable to the person in our world who is the most important to us, and couples thrive on the empathy and emotional response that occurs when they are fully present with one another during sexual intimacy. — Stuart B. Fensterheim, LCSW


Spice Up The Relationship

Final Thoughts And Takeaways

There are several effective ways to keep your marriage alive. You just need to understand that marriage won’t secure a future together unless you continue to work on it. There’s no secret to becoming a better lover. Just become the best friend your partner needs and surely, you’ll have a premium quality relationship with little to no stress, large connection, improved love languages, and plenty of date nights.

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How do you spice up a long term relationship?

How do you save a dying relationship?

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How do I stop being boring in a relationship?

What are the 5 most important things in a relationship?


Psychiatry: A Brief Introduction Of Nymphomania

Understanding the case of sexual compulsion or nymphomania is necessary to be able to assess the condition. An individual who presents with a hypersexual behavior is considered to have a mental illness that needs psychiatric treatment due to his unhealthy state.

Sexual labels and diagnoses are inherently based upon, and inseparable from, the current sexual values of the culture. — David J. Ley Ph.D.


Continue reading “Psychiatry: A Brief Introduction Of Nymphomania”

Marriage Counseling Benefits

A legal marriage is a lifetime commitment bound to have mild and complicated issues. The process of marriage counseling is to help a marriage work on the things that both husband and wife should consider. Let’s discuss the process here in this article so it can give you an idea of how this serves as a support to a married couple.

Certificate of union that binds a couple counseling. Read the article

Marriage Counseling

Contrary to what people think about misunderstandings in marriage, marriage requires resolution amidst the imperfect relationship that married couples have to assume what their separate roles should be. Both married couples often have difficulties identifying the origin of their problems, which is why they conclude to end their marriage permanently. Good thing that marriage counseling could assist them with that.

Life and responsibilities distract or get in the way of sincere efforts to work on the relationship. No matter the reason, the more distant or strained a relationship becomes, the harder it is to repair. — LESLIE BECKER-PHELPS, PHD

Marriage Counseling

Married couples fail to see the importance of marriage counseling when complications arise. Most do not understand how marriage counseling could change one or both individuals’ perceptions of their life decisions, opinions, and beliefs. However, both should pay attention to some triggering points in the relationship. Marriage counseling will help them determine whether they need advice or not.

The Importance Of Counseling

Help With Arguments That Are Getting Out Of Hand

Marriage is not perfect, and a small (even detailed) conflict is healthy in the relationship. It is where both husband and wife identify the need for adjustments for decision-making in the marriage. However, if an argument tends to feel like it has no end and a whole daily experience is becoming conflict-oriented, that is the time that couples should consider marriage counseling. The marriage counseling process can somehow address the continued risk of negativity that constantly complicates an issue.

Sometimes people explain that they wanted to “try to deal with it on our own first.” That’s like saying you broke your foot and you want to try to deal with that on your own. — Raffi Bilek, LCSW-C

Counseling Assists In A Sudden Routine Change

Both husband and wife tend to have their priorities in the marriage, and as far as work and family are concerned, there are things that both couples can do separately. However, as marriage counseling experts or counselors say, when couples tend to feel stressed about doing the same routine they usually do together and find themselves chronically resentful of the things that used to matter for both of them, it is perhaps the time to seek marriage counseling. The sudden change in the dynamic of the relationship can become a sign of a marriage issue. Thus, marriage counseling is required.

Marriage counseling benefits

When One Or Both Of You Don’t Want To Communicate – As the number one rule of marriage counseling, it is essential to understand the value of communication in a relationship. When a marriage starts to deteriorate, it can increase complications from dishonesty, doubt, resentment, and unfaithfulness. Both couples will feel disconnected from each other and may eventually lack affection. It is one of the prominent signs of a marriage problem that requires marriage counseling due to the impact it can create in a relationship.

But if the relationship isn’t just going through a rough patch – if it’s truly toxic – there’s little to gain and much to lose by staying in it. — SETH J. GILLIHAN, PHD

Marriage Problems Cause Damaging Psychological Effects – Marriage problems are common in a relationship; both husband and wife can have an issue of psychological defects if dilemmas are not well assisted. The signs of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, lack of sleep, PTSD, and other mental illnesses are possible if couples fail to assess the cause of their relationship issues. Marriage counseling is necessary when both parties have difficulties dealing with some of the mental disorders they are currently experiencing.

 Marriage  Counseling Is Essential For Married Couples

People may think that a marriage can somehow work miraculously on its own. However, there are several issues in the marriage that both parties will eventually fail to assess. The need for marriage counseling is a great way to determine the capacity of the marriage of both husband and wife if they can continue their relationship. Hence, marriage counseling is entirely essential.



Managing Addiction In Teenage Kids

How hard is it to resolve teenage addiction? Let’s discuss and know more about substance abuse treatment for children and adolescents in this article.


Most childhood and adolescent psychiatry experts say that these childhood years have become one of the most rebellious — read: abusive — moments in a person’s life. Substance abuse studies show almost 80% of children around the globe are prone to substance abuse and alcohol dependence. Some adolescents are trying to misuse cigarettes as early as 14 years old while the start of illicit drug alcohol abuse ranges from ages 15 to 17.

Understanding The Teens

Since most adolescents feel the need for independence (regardless of their gender and age), the systematic method of controlling them has been an issue with parents. Adolescents’ sense of autonomy gives them a false sense of purpose to take control over unpredictable situations that life can bring which gives their lives multiple complications (such as physical and emotional discomfort, numerous relationship issues, and mental health problems).

Aside from that, parents should observe risk factors for psychiatric symptoms

Therefore, as a parent, you will be profoundly concerned about the aftermath that the problem can do to your adolescent child. But before engaging in substance abuse substance abuse prevention treatments for children and adolescents, you need to understand more about alcohol and drug information.

Two common types of rebellion are against socially fitting in (rebellion of non-conformity) and against adult authority (rebellion of non-compliance). In both types, rebellion attracts adult attention by offending it. — Carl E Pickhardt Ph.D.

It Is Essential To Expect That Sometimes Most Teenagers Require Autonomy

As an adolescent’s brain works in complicated progress, the counseling or treatment approach must create consistency regarding beneficial social involvement, especially with substance abuse treatments for children and adolescents. A study also supported that the parent’s lack of control affects a child’s rebelliousness.

However, since most substance abuse treatments for children and adolescents fail to identify the solution on how to influence teens to stay away from the negative habit manageably, it creates a stigmatized result for them. Since then, adolescents are expected to induce themselves into substance abuse automatically.


Understanding Addiction Among Teenagers

According to a psychiatric disorders expert, since the problem can come up with adolescent substance abuse, the rebellious adolescent often takes it to an endless mode and spends his whole adolescent years living in the harmful adverse effects of the substance abuse. It somehow enhances their perception and makes them think about their wrongfully imposed importance to society.

In the end, the need for control and autonomy has eventually become their central focus.

Though it may seem paradoxical, warmth and gentleness can be a source of great strength. Using this moral, you can try to persuade your friend to change by being warm and making a kind request. — LESLIE BECKER-PHELPS, PHD
There Should Be An Acknowledgement That Rebellion Is A Part Of Growing Up

Sometimes, people look at resistance as an adolescent’s impacting negative behavior while most research suggests that it’s part of their adolescent development. Other experts also believe it to be part of genetic and environmental influences as well as family history.

It is the reason why their perception and disruptive behavior disorders has become overthrown with their desire for independence. Parents and other family members can utterly understand the progress of the adolescent stage. However, the infusion of substance abuse is something that they know they can no longer handle, especially on high school students.

The philosophical way of dealing with rules and policies of adolescent drug abuse has been one of the pressures that the younger ones can encounter. Thus the focus of reducing risk factors and insisting on psychotropic medications and functional family therapy is needed.


The Teens Needs Help Even If They Think They Do Not Need It


The different engaging methods of discipline have been confusing most parents over the years. Since the models of approach vary from one adolescent to another, most of the parental strategies fail to eliminate the correlation between growing up and addiction.

Therefore, most parents fail to assess the needs before engaging with adolescent substance use treatments for children and adolescents. Since the adolescent substance use disorders, it makes a parent powerless and frustrated at the same time.

When we understand the often subtle forces that drive our behavior, we can figure out the function of our habit—what need it’s trying to satisfy. — SETH J. GILLIHAN, PHD
Consider Professional Counseling Treatment For Better Mental And Emotional Health

Final Thoughts

In all the areas of parenting, there is a tendency that parents will fail to supply an adolescent’s developmental needs. Not all parenting is perfect and when an adolescent is at his rebellious stage, it is time that you should seek professional counseling and focus on prevention efforts for adolescent substance abuse interventions for children and adolescents. That way, it can help both you and your adolescent be able to assess and mitigate drug problems and conduct disorder.


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What is the most effective treatment process for substance use disorders?
What are the tips for prevention of drug abuse for youth?
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What is a treatment plan for substance abuse?
What can you do as a student to help in the campaign against drug abuse?
What is drug abuse prevention and Control?
What can parents do to prevent drug abuse?
What are the measures to reduce alcohol use among adolescents?


How To Beat Alcohol Dependency And Stay Sober





Are you tired of drinking, getting hung over, and not remembering your decisions and actions when you’re often in a state of drunkenness?

Good. That means you are finally aware that there is something off about your habit of being dependent on alcoholic beverages. From there, you can see its effect on your life, job, savings, and relationships.

This kind of realization is necessary because it can encourage you to beat alcohol dependency and stay sober forever. Continue reading if you want to know how.

Identify the habit you want to change. This step may seem obvious, but we’re often too vague about the changes we want to make. — SETH J. GILLIHAN, PHD

  1. Have Little Goals

As a first step, set realistic objectives. Take it as the key to the land of the clearheaded. It is easy to say you’ll change your ways plainly, but you might face disappointments once you claim a lot of things in the beginning and become unable to follow through with them.




  1. Let People Know About It

Tell your family, friends and drinking buddies that you’ll quit being an alcoholic from this day forward. This act will not only bring happiness to your loved ones’ hearts. It will also make them think twice before carrying intoxicating beverages to any party you’ll attend.


  1. Keep Real Friends Close

You are most vulnerable to temptation during the first few weeks of staying away from alcohol. Instead of hanging out with just anyone, choose to be around people who truly want to see you sober. They can cheer you up and ensure that any form of liquor is never in your line of sight.


  1. Plan Your Day

Some individuals with addiction to intoxicants turn out like that since they have nothing better to do with their time. To avoid that, you should schedule your activities every day, and only rest when you’re ready for bed.

Eat healthy & regularly, exercise, & get a full 8-hours of sleep. Take alone-time when you need it & monitor your energy levels & moods, to stay healthy, active, & balanced. — John F. Kelly Ph.D., ABPP

  1. Never Put Yourself In A Tricky Situation

You want to be on the wagon, yet a colleague invites you to a gathering where you’re certain all guests have free access to alcoholic drinks. What’s the best thing to do? Well, you can politely decline the offer and be honest about your desire to quit drinking for good. In case they truly care about you, they’ll understand. If they don’t, then it isn’t your problem anymore.


  1. Appreciate The Advantages Of Being Sober

Drinking alcohol for days on end makes you a stinky person because the spirits can seep through your sweat glands. Your liver, kidneys, and other organs are at high risk of failing too. But when you abstain from the addictive substance and start living healthily, your past ailments may never come back.

For sure, being sober heals relationships as well. You’ll be able to mend the rift that binge-drinking caused to your connection with your spouse, siblings, or parents now that you can think clearly.




  1. OptFor Alcohol-Free Drinks

Nonetheless, a person who instantly stops drinking is more likely to return to old habits than someone who takes slow but sure steps. Considering your hand is itching to reach for a bottle of liquor, force your mind to look for non-alcoholic wine and beer. In this manner, you may still get a taste of the actual beverage without the real deal’s harsh after effects.

Expanding the opportunities for people to get together and enjoy themselves and each other’s company is a win-win for everyone. — Reid K Hester Ph.D.