Simple Ways To Improve Your Sex Life




It’s quite common for a relationship to get or feel dull over time. In worst cases, you might consider having sex as a less important part of the relationship and won’t acknowledge doing it at all. But that doesn’t mean you have to prioritize it in your life. By following the tips on how to solve your sex life, you will be able to bring the passion back in no time.

By bringing up and addressing problems, a partner is much more likely to get to a resolution or find a positive way to live with unresolvable differences. By just talking about an issue (when done in a constructive way), partners come together as a team to work on it. — LESLIE BECKER-PHELPS, PHD

Have Frank Talks – When you and your partner can go directly into having sex and don’t talk about it, you’ll soon see the act as a requirement and not something that can connect the both of you. However, when you try to ask each other what both of you want in bed, it will allow you to get more comfortable in sharing what you like and what you don’t. Both of you can have the advantage of using sex as a means of understanding each other.


Have Time For Sex – You and your significant other probably have a lot of daily things to do, but that doesn’t mean that you should set aside the time for having sex. You can at least spare a moment and bond with your partner so you can feel each other’s connection. Setting time for sex is a necessity because it will allow you to satisfy the desire for intimate sexual intercourse.




Turn Up Your Moods – You don’t have sex just because you need to do it. You have to make use of some methods that can turn up the heat between the two of you and boost the excitement. You can exchange sexy texts messages, you can use some sensual touch to some of your partner’s sensitive parts of the body, or you can spice up the eagerness of wanting to have sex by whispering erotic words.

Think about using music, scents such as candles or lotion, or sensual fabrics such as satin or leather. You can also use erotic stories or art to set the mood. — Rachel Keller, LCSW-C

Don’t Forget The ForeplayForeplay serves as the most significant factor of sex. Aside from helping in the increase of libido, it contributes a huge role in giving satisfaction to and consequently getting an orgasm. It allows increased sensitivity and intense excitement that is beneficial in providing you and your partner an improved and enjoyable sex life.


Throw Some Compliments – When you and your partner are having sex, there’s a need for compliments. Most people get embarrassed by their physical appearance, so as a partner you should make sure that your significant other is confident in her own body. It will help in boosting inner energy in performance and can affect endurance as well.




Let Her Take The Lead – A man usually takes the lead in having sex. However, when you allow a woman to initiate sexual pleasure on several occasions, you’ll be amazed at how they can sensually handle the intercourse. In most cases, they tend to be more adventurous and explore different techniques in sexual positions.

In all honesty, complications may eventually arise when a couple loses interest in sex. Sexual intercourse is a vital part of a relationship so people should understand that its purpose is to make a connection.

A satisfying sexual relationship is often crucial to the success of a romantic relationship. — Stuart B. Fensterheim, LCSW