Tips on How to Recover From a Traumatic Event



Bad things happen whether we like it or not. While we can easily move on from most of them, there are a few instances where these unfortunate events will affect us so much we’ll end up traumatized.  Dealing with traumatic situations such as a car accident, assault, abuse, severe illnesses, natural disaster, and sudden death of a loved one can cause a significant amount of distress that may change how we look at the world.

Though it’s normal for people who have gone through traumatic events to feel upset, stressed, and scared, most experts recommend doing the things that will remind us of our lives before the incident. And believe it or not, coping with your trauma is not impossible because there are actual ways that can help you do it.

Stresses occur and will always be a part of our everyday life, forever. Whether or not they take us down and out into trauma depends on how we deal with them. — Darlene Lancer, JD, LMFT


Follow these, and you will be able to deal with your emotions at a much better pace and live your life as normally as possible.


The first stage of healing starts when you’re finally able to accept what happened, it’s tough, and it may take some time for you to realize that it is what it is. Accepting that you have experienced a traumatic event will help you cope faster.It will set you on the right path to healing.

Vulnerability is scary at first. But it is, paradoxically, the door that leads to the greatest opportunity for sustained healing. — Susanne Slay-Westbrook, LPC-S, LMFT-S

Take Some Time Off

It is really not selfish to look after yourself especially after going through a traumatic incident. Take a deep breath, file a leave from work, and just focus on the things that can make you feel relaxed and comfortable. You can start a morning run, make a spontaneous weekend trip, move away, or stay at a friend’s house for the night. Try to do things that can help you forget what you ha

Use Your Support System

Relying on your support system especially after being a part of a traumatizing situation can speed up your recovery. Don’t push your friends or family away andYou can talk to them or make them listen because they love you and they will do everything just to make you feel better.


The saying “what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger” is an oversimplified and glorified belief. What doesn’t kill us can sometimes eat away at us for years and decades of our lives, ultimately affecting us on a deep psychological level. — Susanne Babbel MFT, PhD

Talk To a Professional

Seeking professional help is extremely recommended if you are having a hard time dealing with your thoughts and emotions. Professionals have the right knowledge and methods that can help you get over events.

Coping with trauma is not an easy thing to do as it will take time and a lot of trial and errors before you even start to feel better. But knowing what you can do to help yourself will make a huge difference, big enough for you to feel like your old self again as soon as possible.