The 2015 San Antonio Psychotherapy Convention Discusses The Negative Effects Of Social Media On Our Youth




It is without a doubt that social media has taken over our lives. It is the society’s way to dictate lifestyle, perspective, belief, and emotions. The 2015 San Antonio Psychotherapy Convention aims to save the youth from the trauma caused by social media. It is essential to take care of their mental well-being as most of the youth nowadays are depressed or suicidal. It seems a happy childhood is a dream.


5 Negative Effects Of Social Media To Our Youth:


  1. We can be traumatized by what they see on the internet such as killings and other crimes. The horrible events happening can cause anxiety to not just the youth.


  1. Social media has a way to condition the mind of people to follow standards. There are instances of bullying and discrimination that cause fear and doubt in establishing self-esteem.


  1. Although the internet helps spread awareness, it decreases the possibilities and choices of people such as in choosing a career path. The social media has a way to direct what’s good for us following the demand of society.


  1. Nowadays, social media may have the most power over the youth, sadly much more than the parents. Kids fear of a stained reputation on social media, regardless of whether they are true or not.


  1. Social media can cause a silent deviation or destruction. People lose focus and time over establishing connections with other people on the internet. Imagine how much time we spend on social media nowadays.




Social media has a significant impact on our mental wellbeing. The 2015 San Antonio Psychotherapy Convention aims to reiterate that we, people, are the user of social media. We have to learn to control our use of it, or it will control us.