How To Beat Alcohol Dependency And Stay Sober





Are you tired of drinking, getting hung over, and not remembering your decisions and actions when you’re often in a state of drunkenness?

Good. That means you are finally aware that there is something off about your habit of being dependent on alcoholic beverages. From there, you can see its effect on your life, job, savings, and relationships.

This kind of realization is necessary because it can encourage you to beat alcohol dependency and stay sober forever. Continue reading if you want to know how.

Identify the habit you want to change. This step may seem obvious, but we’re often too vague about the changes we want to make. — SETH J. GILLIHAN, PHD

  1. Have Little Goals

As a first step, set realistic objectives. Take it as the key to the land of the clearheaded. It is easy to say you’ll change your ways plainly, but you might face disappointments once you claim a lot of things in the beginning and become unable to follow through with them.




  1. Let People Know About It

Tell your family, friends and drinking buddies that you’ll quit being an alcoholic from this day forward. This act will not only bring happiness to your loved ones’ hearts. It will also make them think twice before carrying intoxicating beverages to any party you’ll attend.


  1. Keep Real Friends Close

You are most vulnerable to temptation during the first few weeks of staying away from alcohol. Instead of hanging out with just anyone, choose to be around people who truly want to see you sober. They can cheer you up and ensure that any form of liquor is never in your line of sight.


  1. Plan Your Day

Some individuals with addiction to intoxicants turn out like that since they have nothing better to do with their time. To avoid that, you should schedule your activities every day, and only rest when you’re ready for bed.

Eat healthy & regularly, exercise, & get a full 8-hours of sleep. Take alone-time when you need it & monitor your energy levels & moods, to stay healthy, active, & balanced. — John F. Kelly Ph.D., ABPP

  1. Never Put Yourself In A Tricky Situation

You want to be on the wagon, yet a colleague invites you to a gathering where you’re certain all guests have free access to alcoholic drinks. What’s the best thing to do? Well, you can politely decline the offer and be honest about your desire to quit drinking for good. In case they truly care about you, they’ll understand. If they don’t, then it isn’t your problem anymore.


  1. Appreciate The Advantages Of Being Sober

Drinking alcohol for days on end makes you a stinky person because the spirits can seep through your sweat glands. Your liver, kidneys, and other organs are at high risk of failing too. But when you abstain from the addictive substance and start living healthily, your past ailments may never come back.

For sure, being sober heals relationships as well. You’ll be able to mend the rift that binge-drinking caused to your connection with your spouse, siblings, or parents now that you can think clearly.




  1. OptFor Alcohol-Free Drinks

Nonetheless, a person who instantly stops drinking is more likely to return to old habits than someone who takes slow but sure steps. Considering your hand is itching to reach for a bottle of liquor, force your mind to look for non-alcoholic wine and beer. In this manner, you may still get a taste of the actual beverage without the real deal’s harsh after effects.

Expanding the opportunities for people to get together and enjoy themselves and each other’s company is a win-win for everyone. — Reid K Hester Ph.D.