Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

Effective Date: April 26, 2019

  formulated this Privacy Policy with the basic intention of making our data collection, usage, and disclosure understandable to users who will come across our website. We find it essential to lay out all the information you may need to know about our practices so that you can choose whether to remain on this site or not.

From the get-go, you should know that we operate a free website. We neither ask for a subscription fee nor force you to sign up before giving you access to our blogs. The only time that you may have to provide your personally identifying data, e.g., full name and email address, is when you use our contact form or try to comment on a blog post. The purpose of getting such information is for us to be able to ensure that your message does not contain SPAM.

  makes use of cookies and tracking technologies regularly for the improvement of our services. The small files that get sent to your browser from time to time cannot be stopped from our end. If you no longer wish to see cookies in your computer, you will have to modify your browser’s settings to block the deliverance of cookies.

Considering some areas of this Privacy Policy stays confusing to you, kindly reach out to our team via this page: __________/contact/__________.