Marriage 101: Signs That Couples Need Therapy

Marriage is a lifetime commitment that is bound to have mild and complicated issues. The process of working on the things that both husband and wife should consider assumes what exactly their separate roles should be. Contrary to what people think about the misunderstanding, marriage requires resolution amidst the imperfect relationship that partners are having. It is often that both of the couples have difficulties identifying the origin of their problems that is why they conclude to end their marriage permanently.

Life and responsibilities distract or get in the way of sincere efforts to work on the relationship. No matter the reason, the more distant or strained a relationship becomes, the harder it is to repair. — LESLIE BECKER-PHELPS, PHD


Couples fail to see the importance of marriage counseling when complications arise. However, there are some triggering points in the relationship that both of them should pay attention. It will help them determine whether they need advice or not.

Arguments Are Getting Out Of Hand – Marriage is not perfect, and a small (even detailed) conflict is healthy in the relationship. It is where both husband and wife identify the need for adjustments for decision-making. However, if an argument tends to feel like it has no end and a whole daily experience is becoming conflict-oriented, that is the time that couples should consider therapy. The continued risk of negativity will eventually complicate an issue.

Sometimes people explain that they wanted to “try to deal with it on our own first.” That’s like saying you broke your foot and you want to try to deal with that on your own. — Raffi Bilek, LCSW-C

There Is A Sudden Change In The Routine – Both husband and wife tend to have their priorities, and as far as work and family is concerned, there are things that both of the couples can do separately. However, when couples tend to feel stressed about doing the same routine that they usually do together and find themselves chronically resentful on the things that used to matter for both of them, it is perhaps the time to seek for counseling. The sudden change in the dynamic of the relationship can become a sign of a marital issue.


When One Or Both Of You Don’t Want To Communicate – It is essential to understand the value of communication in a relationship. When it starts to deteriorate, it can increase all sorts of complications from dishonesty, doubt, resentment, and unfaithfulness. Both couples will feel disconnected from each other and may eventually lack affection. It is one of the prominent signs of a marital problem that requires counseling due to the impact it can create in a relationship.

But if the relationship isn’t just going through a rough patch – if it’s truly toxic – there’s little to gain and much to lose by staying in it. — SETH J. GILLIHAN, PHD

Marital Problems Cause Damaging Psychological Effects – Marital problems are common in a relationship and both husband and wife can have an issue of psychological defects if dilemmas are not well assisted. The signs of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, lack of sleep, PTSD, and other mental illnesses are possible if couples fail to assess the cause of their relationship issues. The need for assistance is a must when both parties are having difficulties in dealing with some of the mental disorders that they are currently experiencing.

People may think that marriage can somehow work miraculously on its own. However, there are several issues that both parties will eventually fail to assess. The need for counseling is a great way to determine the marital capacity of both husband and wife if they are able to continue their relationship.