Lockdown Confession: Are You With The Right Person?

It is not always safe to say that you believe in having found the one when you are in a relationship. You get those butterflies in your stomach, and you can’t stop yourself from smiling. Therefore, you conclude that your partner is the one for you. However, in a more realistic nature of the relationship, the commitment is different. That is especially when both of you are dealing with an uncontrollable situation. Take this pandemic as an example. There are stress and anxiety everywhere. Thus, both of you encounter things that are often too much to handle. So putting your confidence aside, how sure are you that you are with the right person?

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You Suddenly Become Unhappy

Understandably, this global health situation can trigger a lot of emotions. Sometimes, it contributes to mental and emotional stress that often affects your ability to deal with people. Most times, it can cut your patience short. But with all the realizations you get from being lockdown, would you be able to tell yourself that your fading feelings cause your unhappiness? Or perhaps you are only frustrated because you can’t seem to accept the situation? Whatever your reasons are when you are always unhappy with your partner, maybe you are with the wrong person.

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You Feel A Lot Of Stress

Aside from the stress, you get from this whole health crisis, when your relationship becomes too much to bear, then perhaps you are not in the right commitment. While it is natural to worry about relationships from time to time, there comes a moment that your stress level sets the alarm. So you better ask yourself whether your relationship is worthy of keeping, especially if it’s not giving you all the mental and emotional relaxation you deserve.

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Too Many Expectations

Everyone envisions a perfect relationship and a partner. That’s why you have preferences. However, when you find yourself modifying those expectations only to fit the type of partner you want, then perhaps it’s time for you to consider asking yourself how much you are willing to compromise. Because admittedly, you will never end up with a person who has all the qualities you desire. If you can’t come to terms with your partner’s character, maybe you shouldn’t be with him or her. If you put too many expectations, you will not only lose your partner but yourself as well.

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You Feel There’s Something Wrong

In a relationship, there is often a time when your gut tells you that something is wrong. However, the problem is you can’t pinpoint it. That is where it becomes beneficial to sometimes listen to your instinct. If you have this feeling or hearing a constant voice that tells you are with the wrong person, you might want to consider that thought. Though our subconscious always doesn’t form coherent signs, it is essential that we sometimes listen to it. Perhaps when you start questioning yourself why you are still in the relationship, you might figure out what’s wrong.


It is usual for couples to have their doubts from time to time. It is only natural to question yourself whether you want to stick with the relationship or not. But if there is nothing entirely wrong with the relationship, there is no need to let go. Remember, leaving a relationship because you are not happy anymore will not contribute to the betterment of the next relationship. Because sometimes, the only way to convince yourself that you are with the right person is when you truly accept that there is no such thing as a “right person.”