Therapists’ Tips On How To Enjoy Your Baby’s First Year


Caring for an infant can be so challenging for a new mother; that’s why many of them deal with postpartum depression, according to therapists. From the second that you open your eyes, your mind goes toward changing the baby’s diaper or feeding him or her. Later, you may then need to wash their clothes and do other chores around the house. And if they cry all night, you surely can’t sleep too until they calm down.

Considering your days look like that, you can’t savor every moment with your newborn, especially after 12 months. It saddens me because babies are most precious during this period. You soil your chances instantly of making memories with them when you’re always busy.

See the tips below on how to enjoy your baby’s first year if you want to fix the situation.

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Teenage Girls Shouldn’t Consider Multiple Sex Partners At A Young Age

Adolescent years are the times when teenagers are more adventurous and fearless. They tend to make impulsive decisions and deny accepting they’re wrong. Most of them are irrational and full of pride. They sometimes use their sensitivity as an excuse for the stupid things they do. They often commit mistakes and won’t think about the consequences that somehow results in a more critical situation.


As the generation continuously evolves with innovations, teens are getting more liberated. A progression to multiple partners was perceptible even among girls from 14 and 17 years of age. They often consider it reasonable to have sex without the use of contraceptives.

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