Therapy For Divorcing Couples – From A Therapist’s Perspective


Saving the marriage. This is what I always wanted to happen. It’s a therapist’s ultimate goal, but I am still having a hard time especially if the couple just attempts to try my service but what they wanted is to seek advice from their lawyers. Or have me as a witness in their court proceeding or just would want to get an evaluation from me; an evaluation that would confirm that there is no noteworthy thing about the marriage and the only solution is to dissolve it for good. While not all couples think that way, there are some who still find reasons to stay together. They come to sessions regularly and religiously and would exert that much effort just to save their marriage. They would sit down with me, listen, hear each other out and do whatever activity I ask them to do. But in cases where there’s no room for progress, divorce takes place. This instance is indeed sad but I some would say that it is better off that way than have them hurt each other all the time.

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