Teenage Girls Shouldn’t Consider Multiple Sex Partners At A Young Age

Adolescent years are the times when teenagers are more adventurous and fearless. They tend to make impulsive decisions and deny accepting they’re wrong. Most of them are irrational and full of pride. They sometimes use their sensitivity as an excuse for the stupid things they do. They often commit mistakes and won’t think about the consequences that somehow results in a more critical situation.

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As the generation continuously evolves with innovations, teens are getting more liberated. A progression to multiple partners was perceptible even among girls from 14 and 17 years of age. They often consider it reasonable to have sex without the use of contraceptives.

The study confirmed that teens who have sex outside of any romantic attachment had lower GPAs, cared less about school and were at greater risk of being suspended or expelled. They also had lower odds of expecting to go to college. — Samantha Smithstein Psy.D.

A Cluster of Negative Behavior

Most teenagers who are actively open to multiple sex partners can experience behavioral changes with adverse effects. Activities such as binge drinking, smoking cigarettes, drug addiction, unprotected sex, and suicide attempt are the typical activities that are related to teens that practice sex with multiple partners compared to those who only have one. Their perception of sexual intercourse change how they see themselves and try to correlate physical maturity with the act. They also rely on drugs and contraceptives and abuse their body in ways imaginable.


Health Issues Associated with multiple sexual partners

An earlier start in engaging in sexual intercourse had been proven to increase risk on mental health issues. Some studies link the practice to depression, anxiety, and suicide ideation for almost 28% of adolescents. The striking increase of sexual act dependence happens most commonly to women with multiple male partners. It also increases the risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STD), which results in a much-complicated situation and healthcare problems.

Shockingly, every eight seconds a teen will become infected with a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or sexually transmitted infection (STI). By the end of the day, about 10,000 teens will be infected with a STD or STI. — Raychelle Cassada Lohmann Ph.D., LPCS

Overly educated and well-experienced

Too much liberation causes a lot of complications for most teenagers that engage in premarital sex. They tend to try a lot of ineffective contraceptives that make them validate the act of having sex with multiple partners. They tend to see it as a standard activity that promotes sexual intercourse. However, this creates an issue as to why teens should engage in the act or not. It sometimes leads them to think that having sex at a young age is a necessity to be able to understand the consequences that accompany it.


Teenage pregnancy

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Having multiple sexual partners increases the rate of adolescent pregnancy. The practice can come with avoidable consequences that have somehow been tolerated over the years. The adolescent is more actively social that makes them prone to information, entertainment, media, and pornography. It leads to hypersexualization, which is most common in girls. There are factors associated with young women’s number of sexual partners that have been reportedly increasing over the last three months, which make it significant to the addition of teenage pregnancy and abortion cases.

There’s little or no talk of raging hormones or battles of the sexes. Instead, when the teens feel that they are ready and the parents agree (apparently, the Dutch are bigger on consensus-building than we are), most Dutch parents allow their teens to have sleepovers. — Bella DePaulo Ph.D.

Teenagers are open to sexual practices and try to experiment on the different kinds of practices. Though it is commonly practiced and taught in schools, one should still be aware that having multiple sex partners would cause specific issues and complications.