Teen Early Relationship – What Can You Expect?


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Our recent generation of teens is difficult to handle because it is the stage of their lives that they allow themselves to become more adaptive to change not only with their perspective of life but also with their contribution to their society as well.

In the recent list of counseling problems, most parents are experiencing tons of issues with their teens with regards to their relationship with the opposite sex. It somehow creates an impact on their overall development. As of now, most parents are starting to accept the fact that they no longer control this recent era. With that said, parents become fully aware of the things that might happen when their teens indulge in an early relationship.

Of course, necessary as it is for all of us to find and forge an enduring relationship with a loved one, the process of discovering and nurturing healthy intimacy is often a long, and sometimes harrowing, one, comprised of one or more relationships that do not appear to be quite as healthy and suitable as caring parents would like them to be for their offspring. — Brad E Sachs Ph.D.

Forced Maturity

When kids push themselves to become mature, they lose the balance of emotional growth. The harder they imply the needs for the changes, the sooner their perception becomes irrational. They will think that they’re entitled to give obnoxious opinions to those people who don’t seem to like their actions. They become empowered with the idea that they can handle the relationship as much as an adult can.


Early Sexual Encounter

The adolescent stage of initial introduction to sexual contact has its own positive and negative side. The teenage exposure to having an immature relationship can bring more curiosity in dealing with sexual intimacy. However, teens are becoming aggressive and liberated that they often forget the restrictions that come along with the action. Soon, it will be too late to realize that the early exposure to sex can bring a lot of health complications.


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Parents telling kids how lousy sex is for them has one major drawback – the kids are already having sex and can draw their own conclusions. — Stanton Peele Ph.D.

Multiple Sex Partners

As early as teenagers enter a relationship, they will develop the perception of having ‘too much experience’ where they try to feel free as much as they want. In regards to that, they will think about sex and relationship as something that can come and go. Eventually, they will end up having multiple sex partners because they think they are only allowing themselves to become well-experienced.


Teenage Pregnancy

Yes, the highlight of early teenage-relationship is adolescent pregnancy. People can expect it to happen. It creates complication because teenagers who underwent early pregnancy might encounter tons of emotional, psychological, and physical issues. Since they cannot handle the stress of early motherhood, it will cause a problem with maturity. Because of that, some of them might end up getting an abortion.



It is one of the significant things that teenagers can expect when engaging in an early relationship. Most of the times, they will not be able to comprehend the sudden changes that might happen when it comes to assessing their issues. As a result, they will end up complaining about a lot of things concerning their life and eventually get depressed. In severe cases, they might consider harming themselves or committing suicide.


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You might think that truly loving someone means caring about them with all of your being – but you can’t really give all of your being to the relationship. — LESLIE BECKER-PHELPS, PHD

Teenagers engaging in early relationships are somehow prone to have complicated lives. In fact, their emotional and psychological health is somehow not ready for the pressures these relationships can give. Consequently, there’ll be tons of issues that they will encounter that would affect their perception of life.