Couples With Mental Health Disorders


We all know that mental health issues can be connected to problems within the family and that it comes from unresolved issues. This can affect your family. Psychologists may overlook the fact that mental illness can also be about the couples and their relationship, and it has been known for a long time that the mental health disorder of a person can affect the spouse. If one is showing symptoms of any mental health issue, there is a possibility that this person somehow got this from his or her partner who has a mental illness. (BetterHelp offers accessible, affordable, and convenient therapy sessions online for couples like you. Maybe you’re looking for a therapist without having to leave home. This is the place to go to online.)

Below is a fact sheet, more like a question and answer for couples with issues.

The Strains Between A Married Couple

Will I Know If My Spouse Is Suffering From A Mental Health Disorder? Or Could He Or She Be Just Reacting To A Stressful Event In Our Marriage?

There is a difference between suffering from a mental illness and having a temporary reaction to a stressful situation like divorce, job loss, death, etc.

My Spouse Is Diagnosed Of A Mental Health Disorder. How Can I Assist While Not Getting Burned Out All The Way?

Give your spouse some quiet time, and do not overdo things for your spouse. It can lead to him/her, thinking that he/she is not capable of doing simple things, and it can make things worse for both of you.

My Other Half Has Violent Tendencies. Is He Or She Suffering From A Mental Health Disorder?

Being violent can be tied with a mental illness, but it can also be an adverse reaction or a coping mechanism. It is better to talk to your spouse and consult a professional to correct these violent reactions.


Since My Spouse Has A Mental Health Issue, I May Also Develop A Disorder. Do We Have To Go To Couples Counseling, Or Can I Do Individual Therapy?

It is essential that both of you get individual help and couples therapy. It is good to have independence, so your spouse would not think that you need to burden his or her problems. Getting support from outside your relationship is necessary.

Our Children Is The Issue – How Can We Ask For Mental Health Help?

Consulting a therapist about this is the best option, and from there, the therapist could decide whether your children would be with you in therapy or will be treated in a separate treatment. Either way is possible, but it is better to see a therapist before deciding on the matter.

Is It Time To Go Our Separate Ways When The Relationship Is Going Nowhere?

Couples therapy is a big help when you want to fix your relationship. This can help you rekindle your love for one another and try again and be better. Moreover, couples therapy can also open your eyes and make you aware of the possibilities that your relationship might not be able to work anymore, and this is when you can consider separation.

Having a healthy relationship can have a positive effect on your spouse, who is suffering from mental illness. If you show your love and support, your spouse will have the confidence to be better, and he/she will have your assistance in getting therapy. There will be a positive outcome if you are there for your spouse in times like this.

However, a stressful relationship can have adverse effects on your spouse. Suffering from mental illness is hard enough, and adding to that can worsen your relationship and worsen the condition of your partner. This could also have physical restraints, and it will not help either of you.

Also, partners who are focused on their spouse with mental illness can have a burnout. It can be very exhausting to watch your spouse suffering, and you will want to do everything, so your spouse gets better. But don’t forget to look out for yourself, too. Take care of yourself also so you can take care of your spouse.

Couples tend to be physically and emotionally distant with each other during times of stress, and this will not have any positive outcome. Remember that you are partners that help and support each other and that you can rely on each other to be better. Do not isolate yourself from each other.


Find Help And Get Back On Track

Getting help is very important. You cannot do everything yourself, and mental illness is a severe matter. Going to therapy will help relieve symptoms and eliminate the mental health illness in the long run. Also, always show your support and always reassure your spouse that you are by his or her side no matter what.

Joining couples therapy can also help you in understanding what your spouse is going through and will help you to set up plans that best fit your needs.