What You Should Do To Avoid A Relapse

Have you finally seen the light and realized that substance abuse wouldn’t do anything significant for you and your family?

That is superb because not every individual who has an addiction is willing to alter their ways for the better. However, let’s face the truth that staying away from addictive stuff is much harder than sticking to them. The temptations are in high quantities; even your system may start looking for it in the first few months.

Relapse is a process with identifiable signs and symptoms that occur over a period of days, weeks, or months, not a matter of hours or minutes. The goal is to identify your signs and to train others to recognize them so they can help you interrupt them. — Cyndi Turner, LCSW, LSATP, MAC

The thing is, it isn’t just you. Others experience it, yet more and more of them choose to remain sober. In case you want to succeed in that too, find out what you should do to avoid a relapse.

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How To End A Couple’s Argument

An ugly argument can happen anytime and sadly it can turn out to be worse if not dealt with. It is common in every relationship and sometimes causes a lot of stress when conflict arises. An argument doesn’t help most couples due to the tension that rises up from brutally personal responses that quickly escalates into blame, criticism, and disrespect.

The spousal relationship also experiences the greatest impact of external stress, which makes it even more important to actively tend to this relationship on a regular basis. — Toni Falcone Ph.D.

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Tips on How to Recover From a Traumatic Event

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Bad things happen whether we like it or not. While we can easily move on from most of them, there are a few instances where these unfortunate events will affect us so much we’ll end up traumatized.  Dealing with traumatic situations such as a car accident, assault, abuse, severe illnesses, natural disaster, and sudden death of a loved one can cause a significant amount of distress that may change how we look at the world.

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The Different Ways You Can Control Your Temper

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When we don’t access our true emotions and learn to honor them by acknowledging and then releasing them, they transmute into anger—pretty much every time. — Joshua Nash, LPC-S

Do you easily get angry? Well, maybe it’s time to do something about it before it gets worse.Though anger is a normal and healthy emotion to feel sometimes, not being able to keep it under control will definitely get you into a lot of trouble.  Easily getting angry at something or someone may be a quick way to show your power but it’s also a shortcut that can land you in an uncontrolled situation. Take a look at the following anger management tips for you to know how to control your temper.

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